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Doesn't fit an iPhone XR as stated

I have ordered this product for other cellphones which works great So in changing my cell to an iPhone XR, the package received was the same great quality but doesn't fit. There is approximately 3/16" undersized cut leaving an edge to catch fingers, lint, and dirt.

Installation impossibility

Tried for YellYouth 10. First one went on with a lot of bubbles that wouldn't come out, and wouldn't seal entirely. Tried to gently remove it and broke. Same issue for the 2nd. I tried to see if I could just use it with the bubbles, and found that even outside of the bubble areas it was difficult to enter data, press control keys, etc. Would have been nice if they included tabs to correctly position so I didn't need to use tape. Wouldn't buy again.


Breaks easy

It didn’t fit my tablet

In the description it states it fits the beneve 10.1 tablet, however it didn’t fit on my beneve 10.1 tablet

Disappointed in appearance

Takes a lot of work to apply it to the Dragon Touch K10, and still leaves a lot of bubbles. Never had such an issue with a tempered glass product.

Opinion sobre producto

Buenos dias. No me agrado porque no se adherio a la pantalla de Tablet.



Cracks easily and too many bubbles

This screenprotector is very flimsy and easy cracks during installation. Aside from cracking, there are lots of air bubbles that will not go away no matter how hard you press on it. The more you press, the more the protector will crack! You only get one shot at installing too! If you fail and have it remove it, expect it to crack! Although it does look like it offers protection, there are some flaws to it that really arent worth for the money theyre currently listed at.

Still cracked my screen

Cracked as I was putting it on

Glass screen saver for Tablet

It doesn't fit the dragon touch tablet correctly. It's close but not a great fit.

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