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Y'ALL really will get money's worth on this one

This screen protector is really good stuff . I had no trouble putting it on ( in like my shoes ,my gut gets bigger buy the day dang popcicles ).No glass cleaner no nothing underneath just clean real good with glass cleaner ( now wait a minute moron you said no glass cleaner ) to remove finger prints and oily stuff. ( ooh I see duh )Went on the secound- time misaligned the first time but no sweat just light lift pressure and right back on wham bam thank you man.used clean clothes to push out any trapped air and boom !!Good product I will definitely endorse this one folks.Happy typing Y'ALL.From the MADD HATTERSo get came back for more

Improved touch screen.

This screen protector is just perfect. It came well packaged and fit my new tablet to a T.The screen it was covering came with tiny swirls in the surface from factory cleaning. I really didn't expect a mirical here but the glass protector made those swirls disappear.The look and feel is like real glass now. I'm not sure this is glass but it sure feels like it. I swear my tablet responds quicker with the screen protector. And it applies so easy. I'll never use another plastic protector again. I love it.

Does not fit Kubi 4G 10.1" Model X20 Phone Tablet. (See Update)

I probably ordered this by mistake. It said it fit the Kubi 10" tablet. During the installation; I noticed that it was 5mm to narrow or small along the short side. I installed it anyway close along the edge above the front camera, leaving 5mm of screen exposed along the opposite edge. I will use this screen protector until I can find something that fits the Kubi 4G 10.1" X20 properly. A too small screen protector is better than none at all. I would have gladly given it 5 stars had it fit.*Update*After my initial review; the people at Transwon reached out to me and send me screen protectors that do properly fit the KuBi 4G 10.1" X20 phone/tablet. But there was no model numbering on the packaging to report here. Sadly; however, I no longer own the KuBi tablet. It was returned to Amazon after two weeks. It would no longer charge. I am very grateful to Transwon for all their help and maybe they will now list the new protectors on Amazon for this KuBi. I'm sure the larger protectors would rate five stars once installed, so I'm changing my rating.

Very clear and protects well

Brought this for my notebook and it fits perfect. Be VERY careful when placing. It sticks very secure. Slowly apply. If placed incorrectly, when removing to readjusting, it will crack...air bubbles may show up in the corners...start from center and apply light press moving towards outer parts of notebook.

Should have gotten these fiest.

I was astounded when I put these screen protectors on my tablet. The visibility and the touch sensitivity were greatly improved. It was the same price for two of these good ones as it was for three of the crappy ones.I had previously purchased a three pack of non-glass screen protectors. I have a very nice tablet with one of the clearest displays out there and I wasted about six months with awful clarity. Also I cleaned my kitchen kitchen counter to make a dust free area wash my hands real good and the screen protector went on flawlessly the first time. Following the Directions made a huge difference as well.I am so glad I opted for the good ones now. And I know my screen will be much better protected.Not to mention how fast I got these I believe it was overnight or the next day that they came by Amazon.Great job and product all around.

Very good to use

Easy to install

The fit


Screen protector

Durable easy to apply

Sensitive But Tough

The only teensy complete is that the tool provideddid diddlyto help with the almost unavoidable air bubble situation installing them always has. All in all though? FANTASTIC! Usually a good protector means the screen barely (if at all) responded...but this works just like a dream...and we had a simple kitchen tool that solved air pocket issues.

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