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A good add-on for a budget tablet.

It's hard to get excited about a screensaver. My recently bought Plum 10" tablet came with a plastic screensaver custom cut to fit. It didn't go on smoothly and it was hard to keep fingerprint-free. The Transwon >glass< screensaver is a smidgeon off on the fit (within tolerable limits, IMO). It applies better (better adhesion, only a bit of bubbling on the margins) and is easier to clean with a microfiber lens cleaning cloth.

Required additional cleaners/prep

Worked great on one tablet but not so well on another. The tablet's fault for having irregularities on edges/bezel. Removed one star because the cleaners/prep were not great, you may need to use your own as I did. If the product requires the cleaners for the screen protectors to work properly for most people, the supplier should include sufficient quantity/quality.



Transwon 2-Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector - No Instructions - Watch YouTube Videos

Absolutely no instructions on this quality product. Maybe everyone knows how to install one, after all there are only 2 sides right? Well I watched a YouTube video (not from this manufacturer) and it was rocket science to get it on right. I lost one within days trying to clean it and it broke. I tried installing it on both sides. One side that is tacky appears to the side you place against tablet face but then the tablet doesn't respond to touch screen. Other side slides around on tablet but at least touch screen works, but it has a nasty tacky feel. Instructions, folks.

Good product

Work’s well

Nice protection but does't work well on my Dragon K10

This is a very nice screen protector. It was so simple to install. I only gave it 3 stars because of the fit on my Dragon K10. I think the problem is in the K10 and not the screen protector. I think there is a valley in the K10's screen where it meets the frame/case. That causes the protector not to adhere in that area. I even tried flipping it 180 degrees and the void is in the same spot. Had it worked on my K10 it would have been perfect. Bubble free right off the bat. This may work on yours just fine.

Bang for your buck

Like the way it was packed , it was what i needed fit perfect.

Does not work

The sticky side does it stick

are ok

are ok

Good value!

Kindle Fire 10

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